Espresso Bella Venti Sei Espresso Beans Premium (1Kg)

Espresso Bella Inc

Espresso Bella Venti Sei Espresso Beans Premium (1Kg)

Sweet and mellow-tasting with a well rounded flavour.
  • A medium roast bean with a perfect balance between body and flavour.
  • Made with the finest quality Brazilian and Columbian Arabica (80%) and full-bodied Robusta (20%) from Vietnam.
  • Your bag of Espresso Bella Venti Sei Premium is roasted upon receipt of order.
  • FAQ:

        • Q - Would you be able to tell me what the best brewing temperature is for this coffee and how many grams of coffee you recommend to use per optimum dose?
        • A - Assuming you are using for espresso, we like to use 18 grams for a double espresso at 198 - 200 deg F.  Brew it for 23 to 25 seconds which should produce 1.5 to 1.75 oz liquid volume. 

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